Buy Donegal

Thrilled to be a vital player in the vibrant Buy Donegal community, Eversafe is committed to bolstering the safety of businesses across the region. Our dedicated support extends to a comprehensive range of services, including fire safety courses, fire warden training, manual handling, abrasive wheel training, safety statements, and risk assessments.

For those aspiring to join the esteemed ranks of Ireland’s retained fire service, Eversafe offers an exclusive service tailored to your success. Take charge of your future by ensuring you’re positioned at the forefront of the competition in your county. Reach out to Eversafe, and we’ll guide you through specialised pre-interview and interview preparation, maximizing your chances of securing a top spot on the panel.

Don’t just be another applicant—get ahead of the curve. Contact us today at to pave the way for a safer and successful tomorrow. Your safety and success are our top priorities.

Everything that is great about Ireland can be found right here in Donegal. We are a fast growth business region, with global tech giants and remote working hubs. We’ve boundless opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Our bright young things are digital natives. We are steeped in history and heritage and preserving our cultural identity through the thriving Gaeltacht region.

We are diverse, natural and authentic. Ireland’s DNA, coded in Donegal